Street Photography Workshop and Trip at Cuba with Engin Güneysu

Street Photography Workshop and Trip at Cuba
01-12 December / 2018
Workshop Supervisor: Engin Güneysu

Agence Le Journal photographer Engin Güneysu is working in the fields of documentary and street photography and is holding a 12-day Street Photography workshop in Cuba.
Examination of the works carried out on behalf of the city photography in the world, to provide the participants with an overview of the portfolios and to provide them with a more effective composition.
Workshop consultant on equipment preferences before the participants they will be able to get suggestions from Engin Güneysu

Street Photography
Streets constitute the largest and direct reflection of the cultures of societies. The most basic information about the life styles of the people there is very easy to see by looking at the images of the cities. The streets are a natural plateau. The street photographer is the one who best evaluates the scene in this continuous change, and the people who act independently of the changing light conditions make the street photographer's work harder. But the photographer; As long as, he knows how to dominate the camera and where it should be in the subject, it will make the truth simpler than fiction.

Seminar Participation Condition:
* To have Basic Photography Information (aperture, shutter, exposure, etc.)
 * To have a camera suitable for manual usage
If you want, you can use the iphone and other mobile phones that have manual focusing and lighting
In the first session, the participants should bring to us 10- 15 photos of themselves with the flash disk.
Seminar Number of Participants: Minimum 4, maximum 10 people.


1st Day

İstanbul à HAVANNA


December 1, 2018 We will meet in front of KLM stand at Sabiha Gökçen Airport International Terminal at 08.45. Our guide who lives there for many years at Havana Airport welcomes us. After a little tour of Havana, we return to the casa and rest for in the nature of Cuba.

2nd DAY


The historical texture of the city is quite impressive. We will see Cathedral Square, Armas Square and Castillo De La Real Fuerza Castle. We will witness the daily life as we stroll through the city streets. We will visit the house of Ernesto Che Guevara. Then we will watch the process of transforming sugar cane into drinking at the Museum of Rom. After visiting the Museum of Revolution, we will go to Malecon. Ernest Hemingway will go on the streets of bars where he gone, and we will enjoy the evening of Havana in our free time.

3rd DAY 


After breakfast, we will leave Havana and go to Playa Giron, in the Bay of Pigs, where the Americans are trying to suppress the Cuban Revolution (we will swim the sea on this awesome beach). We will do a boat tour with our guests who want to join at the Gulf. Then we will go to Cienfuegos. We will walk around the streets of Cienfuegos which is a very nice place in addition to urban architecture and visit the historic theater. We will arrive in Trinidad after two hours. In addition to the tropical beach and entertainment venues, we will enjoy the city, which is famous for its sea and night storm entertainment.

4th DAY

Havana- Cienfuegos – Trinidad

We will continue to wander the streets of Trinidad during the day. The cobblestone streets, colorful structures and with the tropical climate we will breathe the original air that the city. After we see the Iznaga Tower, we will return to Trinidad. Famous tropical Ancon Beach and caribbean breeze, which are frequented by many celebrities, await us. In the evening, the local dance and shows on the Trinidad steps draw us into.

5th DAY

Trinidad- Santa Clara – Havana

We'll turn our route into Santa Clara in the morning. After about an hour and a half, we will reach Santa Clara, the most important witness of the revolution. We will see the freedom train used as headquarters on the revolution days. We're going to visit Ernesto Che Guevara's mausoleum. We're going to Havana after outing in the streets of Santa Clara. Our journey will take up to three hours with vehicles that reflect the spirit of Cuba.

6th DAY


We will leave Havana in the morning and go to the Vinales Valley for about two and a half hours. Famous for its rare rock structure and green nature in the world, the Valley has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will see the subtleties of cigar production in the workshops in the valley where quality tobacco is produced. After seeing the world's largest rock painting, Mural de la Prehistoria, which depicts the theory of evolution, we will return to our casa to eat and prepare dinner.

7th DAY


The second day in Vinales, we will do a sandal tour in Cueva del Indio Cave right after breakfast. We will watch the interesting texture of the natural-looking natural formations that cover the cave. Then we will ride the horses by participations. Those who don't want to ride will a pleasant walk in nature.

8th DAY

We're leaving after breakfast. After an 1-hour trip, our first stop is one of the reforestation projects after the revolution and Las Terrazas, the paradise of eco-tourism in Cuba. Guests can enjoy swimming in the river if wants. With the rest of the group, we take a tropical walk to the farms where tropical forest walks and coffees are fermented. At the end of this pleasant day we will be in Havana.

9th DAY

Today, we will witness very special moments in Havana, our first stop will be the Plaza Vieja square in Old Havana, which is an open-air museum. We will visit Camera Obscura to see the wonderful view found here. Then, we will visit the Antrepo which is named as Antrepo, where the paintings and art works of the artists are sold. Here we lead our route to the Cristobal Colon. In the evening we organize for our participants, we move to the bar in Old Havana to learn about Cuba Libre and Mojito.

10th DAY

After breakfast you will have a relatively free and relax day. Guests can shop on the streets of Havana and take a photo of Engin Güneysu's favorite places. If you want, you can enjoy the caribbean sea in the face of Miami. We go to Fabrika Arte, which is described as Cuba's art gallery. We say goodbye to Cuba by our last dance.
11th DAY
Extra tour.
Hemingway's Cuba
Price: 50 €

If you wish, we will take part in the Ernest Hemingway tour. We'll see the room number 511, where the author stayed for 7 years at the Ambos Mundos hotel. We'll go to the village of Cojimar, where the author eats lunch, and have lunch at the restaurant Las Terezzas. We're going to see La Finca, the home of Hemingway on the fabulous La Vigia farm. After lunch, you can go back to Havana and have fun in the street cafes with Latin Music, and take a walk in Calle Obispo, one of the city's most lively streets.
Or you can enjoy the colorful streets of Havana.

12th DAY
Havana – İstanbul

On the last day of our Cuba tour, KLM Airlines is returning to Istanbul in 19.15.

Whatsapp Corporate +90536 2657454
Phone:0212 9750875

Workshop and
Tour Fee :1600 Euro
Havana tickets belong to the participants.

Included in the Price
Night accommodation
Workshop counseling and guidance
Transportation in Cuba
Travel and Accident Insurance
Not Included
Personal Expenditures
Horse Safari
Boat Tour
Latin Dances Training
Entrance Fees of Museums


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